Minecraft Themed Singing Time or FHE Game

Update 2/22/2015: OK we did it today!! I’m going to try to post an update later with some extra notes and add a few spaces on the game board cause we kept on landing on blank spaces… so I started making them sing a song even if they landed on a blank space. I think the … Continue reading Minecraft Themed Singing Time or FHE Game

FHE #1 – Creating Paper Mache Worlds

FHE stands for “Family Home Evening“. To tell you the truth, our family has not been very good at preparing for family home evening. When Monday night comes around we usually ask each other, at the last minute, “What’s the lesson for FHE?” We decided that our lack of planning wasn’t working for us. We … Continue reading FHE #1 – Creating Paper Mache Worlds

Family Night in 60 Seconds!

Here is our 2016 Hubbard Christmas Card Video! This Christmas we want to share with your our “funnest” thing we do at home!! …. which is Family Night aka Family Home Evening (FHE)! Enjoy our family in 60 seconds. PS – See our last post for our digital Christmas Card!

2014 Blog Recap

So I made up some blog goals for 2014 last January. How did I do? Goal: 25,000 Page Views — Reality: 20,307 10 new WordPress friends — Reality: 99 new WP friends!! May Bo post once a week (52 post) — Reality: 31 posts Dallin post once a month — Reality: 1 :)… YAY Dallin! Buy a domain … Continue reading 2014 Blog Recap

Happy Halloween!!

Dallin was a racquetball player. Quentin was a dog. May Bo was a flight attendant. Micah was an airplane. Happy Halloween 2014!!! See our past Halloween Costumes here: 2013: Super Mario Family 2012: Nerdy Baby Costume OH and we carved plan of salvation pumpkins for Family Home Evening this past Monday!!! 🙂 Yep it’s the Celestial … Continue reading Happy Halloween!!

Baptism Song – LDS Jesus and John the Baptist Art

Update #1 7/6/2014 @ 3:00 pm: I just got back from church and I am overwhelmed with how well this worked out. Every child from nursery to senior primary got to baptize Jesus, granted it was a holiday weekend so the primary was small, but I sang the baptism song over 30 times today. I found … Continue reading Baptism Song – LDS Jesus and John the Baptist Art

Happy 18 Months Micah!

I can’t believe Micah is now 18 months. Woot! He is old enough to go to Nursery at church now. How exciting! Now we just need a bunch of nursery aged kids to move into the branch so there can actually be a nursery. 🙂 At 18 months Micah likes: Lasagna, Ham Fried Rice, Pesto, Eggs, … Continue reading Happy 18 Months Micah!