Ireland Miracle #3

Sorry I realize that I never finished my Ireland miracles. I’ll just schedule these stories in once in a while. Better late than never right? For the first month in Ireland, we solely relied on public transportation which was mainly double decker busses and the Dart which is a fast train. Dallin studied at the … Continue reading Ireland Miracle #3

Ireland Miracle #2

Now that we’ve had some time to ponder about our time in Ireland. I’m going to do a series of stories about miracles that happened on our adventure in Ireland. We feel like our trip to Ireland was one big miracle made up of a bunch of small miracles. The first miracle I blogged about happened … Continue reading Ireland Miracle #2

Things I wish were in Ireland

Hidden Valley Ranch – One of my good friends spend over $20 sending me some ranch packets.  I’ve been savoring them. I don’t think they’ll last me much longer. Cafe Rio – Enough said… They don’t even sell fresh tomatillos in Ireland! Mexican Food – The Mexican food isle at the store is small and I haven’t seen … Continue reading Things I wish were in Ireland

Bray Ireland Pictures

Here’s some random pictures on our weekend adventures to the city Bray outside the border of Dublin. It was a really really cold day! In fact, it snowed right after we took these pictures. That’s why we all look like eskimos because we wore four layers of clothes that day. We actually starting walking from Dun Laoghaire … Continue reading Bray Ireland Pictures

Finglas Ward – First Week of Church in Ireland

Every time I’m traveling I get so excited to go to Church on Sunday. It’s always a hassle trying to figure out how to get to church in a new place but the minute I walk into sacrament meeting is like a breath of fresh air.  The Spirit of the Lord is always the same … Continue reading Finglas Ward – First Week of Church in Ireland

Our First Impression of Ireland

Dallin “I felt like we got on a plane and landed in Harry Potter world!” (I reminded Dallin that Harry Potter is probably more like England) “I feel like I’m on the mission again.” “I want to ride on the top floor of the double decker bus!” “I want to go watch the Hobbit” (There … Continue reading Our First Impression of Ireland

Running into a Mormon in Ireland

We were on the bus trying to get to the train station. The train is called the Dart. We only landed in Dublin a few hours before. We were feeling very jet lag and lost. I told Dallin he should ask this elderly lady for directions. In a matter of minutes the conversation went like … Continue reading Running into a Mormon in Ireland

Eczema or Psoriasis?

I’ve had rashes ever since I was born! First, I got diagnose with eczema. Then, later on I got diagnose with psoriasis. Then, again the dermatologist said it was eczema not psoriasis… hmm.. I still have a hard time telling the difference between the two disease. From what I understand eczema is not an allergy … Continue reading Eczema or Psoriasis?

Better Late than Never Birth Story #3

Sorry guys… it took me over a year to write my birth story #3. Better late than never! If you haven’t written down your birth stories… I really encourage you to do so. You won’t regret remembering your baby’s birthday even if it’s years later. Here’s birth story #1 and birth story #2. The Pregnancy… … Continue reading Better Late than Never Birth Story #3