I Am Downtown Video Contest Entry

My little brother made this video of our family for the Downtown SLC video contest. If you could watch it, like it on Youtube, and make a comment. It’ll show the judges that people actually like his movie! He’s only in High School and he’s competing against professionals! Good luck Aaron! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtqP0p9812w&list=PLb_5dd9SgJqEm6WRrY-Zem6IO8p6eg4Qc&index=32  

Christmas Card 2019

So instead of sending all you guys this Christmas card in January (like we did last year… haha!) I decided to get it out by Thanksgiving this year! This year started by finishing Dallin’s interviews for residency training: Albuquerque, Portland, Pheonix, and Tucson! We added on another 4,624 miles to our trip. We were on … Continue reading Christmas Card 2019

Christmas Card 2018

Hi Everyone! This is a little belated… OK may be it is very belated but we have been relaxing and enjoying our time at home for Christmas and New Year. We were just trying to catch up on life and sleep. We have been traveling a lot since October for Dallin’s residency interviews. We decided … Continue reading Christmas Card 2018

Christmas Card 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Sorry for the late Christmas Card and family update. As you can see it’s been a little busy around here with a new little one. Dallin: He is in his third year of medical school (post-PhD). He has rotated through internal medicine, surgery, neurology, occupational medicine, rheumatology and psychiatry. He … Continue reading Christmas Card 2017

Easy for Mom Preschool

I couldn’t decide what words to use for this title. I wanted to say “Lazy Mom Preschool” or “Preschool for Dummies”… but I don’t want to call Moms lazy or dummies! I just mean this is an easy way to do preschool with very little cost and prep work. Easy and simpleĀ is my way of … Continue reading Easy for Mom Preschool

Family Night in 60 Seconds!

Here is our 2016 Hubbard Christmas Card Video! This Christmas we want to share with your our “funnest” thing we do at home!! …. which is Family Night aka Family Home Evening (FHE)! Enjoy our family in 60 seconds. PS – See our last post for our digital Christmas Card!

Christmas Card 2016

Thanks to all you who have sent us Christmas Cards!!! We love them!! One day we’ll send out physical Christmas Cards again but for now… this digital Christmas Cards is all I can handle! We are making a Christmas Video this year but we can’t finish that until Dallin’s finals are over. šŸ™‚ So keep … Continue reading Christmas Card 2016

I’ve been featured on…

Hey! It’s been a while. I’ve been happily engaged in photography and missionary work. Since I’mĀ not on here very often anymore, I just wanted to let you know places that my work has beenĀ featured on lately: http://www.lds.org General Conference:Ā Father’sĀ by Elder Christofferson – April 2016 Gospel Topics: Emergency Preparedness http://www.ldsliving.com Our Family’s Journey to the “Mormon … Continue reading I’ve been featured on…