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Irish Words 2

I’ve never had so much problems with English in my life! All the banking forms and medical forms are worded so different! I have to ask for translations and I feel silly.

Petro Station => Gas Station

Lift => Elevator

Nappy => Diaper

Carriageway => Free Way/High way

Chips => Fries (I thought it was potato chips!)

Voucher => Coupon

Dun => Fort

Distilled Water => Tap Water or Purified Water

Water => Club Soda or Sparkling Water

Trolley => Shopping Cart

Reduction => Sale 

Our First Impression of Ireland


  • “I felt like we got on a plane and landed in Harry Potter world!” (I reminded Dallin that Harry Potter is probably more like England)
  • “I feel like I’m on the mission again.”
  • “I want to ride on the top floor of the double decker bus!”
  • “I want to go watch the Hobbit” (There are advertisements everywhere!)
  • “The sun sets at 3 pm everyday”
  • “I think we’re lost… again”
  • “I can’t sleep so I’m just going to snuggle May Bo and wake her up.”


  • “I got to play with a double decker bus in nursery at Church!”
  • “All the Irish people we meet wants to hold me, I don’t let them and I cry.”
  • “Strangers come up to me and starts playing with me.”
  • “I like being pushed around in my buggy all day long.”
  • “I am drenched. It rains all day long.”
  • “I’m glad Mommy and Daddy know where they’re going.”
  • “Why can’t I sleep at night?” (Micah woke up last night at 11 pm and struggled to go back to bed. He didn’t cry but he seemed a little confused.)

May Bo

  • “The yogurt here is much better in Ireland than in the US.”
  • “Irish people are very friendly, approachable, and generous.”
  • “Everything here is so eco friendly!”
  • “Wow… the shuttle driver didn’t take a tip.” (I guess you only tip at restaurants here… I’ll write another blog about this.)
  • “Thank goodness… they have Subway here.” (As in Subway Sandwiches… instead of $5 foot long they have 4 Euro foot long)
  • “Still haven’t figured out why there are two buttons on the toilet….”
  • “I’m tired… Dallin and Micah go to bed!”

Running into a Mormon in Ireland

We were on the bus trying to get to the train station. The train is called the Dart. We only landed in Dublin a few hours before. We were feeling very jet lag and lost. I told Dallin he should ask this elderly lady for directions. In a matter of minutes the conversation went like this…

Dallin: We’re from the United States

Lady: Are you from Utah?

Dallin: Why yes! We’re from Utah.

Lady: That’s where my church headquarters are located. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Dallin: I’m a Latter-day Saint!

Wow… after feeling overwhelmed in a big city… suddenly the world seemed small again. I felt right at home. There are only about 1200 active Church members in Ireland out of 4.5 million people. I doubt it was a coincidence we met her but a gift from God. I wanted to cry when I met her because I was so sleep deprived and grateful for directions. She got off the bus with us and walked us to the train station while telling us her conversion story.

She was a Christian before. She told us the missionaries kept coming to visit her and telling her to read the Book of Mormon. She didn’t want to read it so she lied to missionaries but they kept coming back. Very quickly the missionaries could tell she wasn’t actually reading the Book of Mormon.  Finally, she decided read the Book of Mormon, felt something good about the Church and got baptized.  She also told us that church was at 11:00 am on Sunday at the Finglas Ward and that it was very close by.

We were very blessed to meet that nice elderly lady and very excited to go to church the next day. She led us to our next destination and gave us a bunch of directions. I felt like it was Heavenly Father helping us and telling us that Ireland is going to be great experience for us!

Irish Words

I will update my blog with new words I learn everyday while I’m in Ireland. I realized that it’s not just me that don’t understand Irish accents but they can’t understand my accent! I’ve gotten some pretty funny faces because they don’t understand how I speak. I just can’t pronouce their words correctly. I asked the bus driver if the bus goes to Slaney Road (I pronounced it ‘Slan’ ‘ney’)  and the bus driver said no and I got off the bus.  I was so confused then the next bus came and it was the same bus number. Again I asked for Slaney Road and the bus driver gave me a funny face. Finally I pulled up the map and showed him and he was like “OH! Slaney Road (‘Slain’ ‘Lee’)”. I got on and got off within a few minutes. I guess I could’ve just walked there. HAHA! Here’s some other words that I didn’t know about:

Buggy => Stroller

Soother => Pacifier

Brown Sauce => BBQ Sauce (Kinda… it has a strong vinegar taste to it)

Chew and Chat => Linger Longer (Mormon term for a social with food after church, except a Chew and Chat is more like a pot luck where everyone brings something and socials after church)

Top 11 of 2011

11. We went to Deseret Star Playhouse for Dallin’s Birthday

10. We planted our first garden plot and it produced vegetables!

9. We went to St. Louis, Missouri; Nauvoo, Illinois; Robinson, Illinois; Gary, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois to visit Grandma Hubbard and Aunt Sue!

8. We finally used all our gift cards to decorate our apartment on our first anniversary and went out to dinner at Macaroni Grill (using a gift card). Thanks everyone for the wonderful gift cards!

7. Dallin past his Phd qualifying exam before the baby came two days later!

6. May Bo had an internship programming for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (when she was really pregnant!).

5. We got to act as Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus in a Live Nativity at This is the Place Heritage Park.

4. Dallin got to baptize our friend Sana. Dallin also got to ordain Gary as a Teacher and Aaron as a Priest.

3. Our Friends/Neighbors – We loved having parties, BBQ, playing racquetball, working out, cooking, playing games, and having fun with our old/new friends!

2. Church Callings – We got to be ordinance workers at the Salt Lake Temple. We are currently ward missionaries. Also, Dallin has a calling in the Elder’s Quorum and May Bo has a calling in the Relief Society. Oh and we love home teaching and visiting teaching, of course!

1. Baby Micah was born and everything other good thing that came along with him!

Over the River and Through the Woods!

… to grandmother’s house we go! Dallin and I decided to visit Grandma Hubbard who lives in Robinson, Illinois with Uncle Ernie and Aunt Sue for our spring break.

Day 1: We flew into St. Louis and got a rental car. This is a nice zippy little Nissan that has super great gas mileage!

We saw the Mississippi River even though I thought it was a lake! First we had to grab something to eat. There were only bars in St. Louis… at least that’s what it seemed like but we found a Thai Restaurant. Dallin got something called a Tofu Lard Khing ( it was the funniest dinner platter I’ve ever seen! It was a vegetarian dish.

I sat next to a medical student and a McDonald’s manager on the plane they both referred us to the City Museum ( in downtown St. Louis. It is basically a grownup playground. Dallin and I couldn’t believe it! It was the coolest museum ever. It was basically made out of junk and trash. They had a 10 story slide and Dallin convinced me to hike up to the top of the 10 stories… by the time I got up there I was too tired to walk back down so I decided to go down the slide. It was so big… Dallin and I spent 3.5 hours and only got through half the museum. It was one that you would definitely get lost in.