2014 Blog Recap

So I made up some blog goals for 2014 last January. How did I do? Goal: 25,000 Page Views — Reality: 20,307 10 new WordPress friends — Reality: 99 new WP friends!! May Bo post once a week (52 post) — Reality: 31 posts Dallin post once a month — Reality: 1 :)… YAY Dallin! Buy a domain … Continue reading 2014 Blog Recap

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Oh man it’s already March 17th and I haven’t posted anything in March! Ok I have lots of excuses. In January, my external hard drive lost half it’s data. I wrote about that here. I spent until March recovering and organizing everything onto a disk drive. I finally finished and was about to back everything … Continue reading Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2014!

DID YOU KNOW? It’s actually “Happy St. Valentine’s Day”? Even though it is unclear exactly who St. Valentine is. One legend I heard while we were in Ireland is that February 14 is the day St. Valentine died. The Dubliners believe he is burried somewhere in Dublin, Ireland. They believe he was killed because he was … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day 2014!

We Converted a Single Stroller to Double Stroller

UPDATE 1/11/2015: By the time my younger son grew out of the carrier car seat (~12 months)… My neighbor gave us their old double stroller. It was bulky!!! I only used it for like a month until my older son preferred to walk everywhere (~3 years old). I put the basket back on the Baby Trend Expedition … Continue reading We Converted a Single Stroller to Double Stroller

Quentin’s First Pictures

Here are some of Quentin’s first baby pictures. My birth story is written here. These were taken at the National Maternity Hospital on Holles Street in Dublin, Ireland. These pictures were taken within 1 hour of the birth. The midwife’s name was Grace. She was the only person other than my husband in the room … Continue reading Quentin’s First Pictures

Having a Baby is Not Scary

I always have friends telling me their fears about giving birth or being pregnant. I had those fears too before I had kids but now I know that having a baby is not scary at all. Having a baby is actually a very spiritual and special experience. It brings so many blessings. I learn so … Continue reading Having a Baby is Not Scary