Cute Santa

We had a cute professional Santa come to our Christmas party so I had to take advantage of the moment to take some cute pictures of my kids! Santa with the littlest one: Micah was telling Santa he wanted a robot! Quentin says he wants a Star Wars lego set. Emily didn’t care for Santa … Continue reading Cute Santa

Christmas Card 2016

Thanks to all you who have sent us Christmas Cards!!! We love them!! One day we’ll send out physical Christmas Cards again but for now… this digital Christmas Cards is all I can handle! We are making a Christmas Video this year but we can’t finish that until Dallin’s finals are over. 🙂 So keep … Continue reading Christmas Card 2016

Easy Toddler Hiro Costume from Big Hero 6

Hey! It’s taken me 2.5 months to post Quentin’s 2 year old pictures. I’ve been super busy with my kids, studying photography and keeping my apartment clean!!! That’s why I haven’t had time to post anything! I dressed him up as Hiro from Big Hero 6. Why? Because his hair was super long and my … Continue reading Easy Toddler Hiro Costume from Big Hero 6

3 year old Rock Climber

Our friend took the boys rock climbing! I think climbing is just built into these little boys. Micah who’s 3, loved it. After a few tries, he got 3/4 of the way up the wall. They even had little harnesses for little toddlers for Quentin. However, this is how Quentin felt about climbing the wall. … Continue reading 3 year old Rock Climber

3 Easy Steps to Teach a Young Child How to Read

My oldest son, Micah, is now 3 years and 5 months old. He is starting to sound out words and reading short words! I’m seriously so proud of him. My goal is to teach him how to read before he goes into Kindergarten. I’ve been teaching my son how to read ever since he was interested in … Continue reading 3 Easy Steps to Teach a Young Child How to Read

DIY Cereal Box Bible Tote for Church

Micah just went into primary as a “Sunbeam” this month and on the same day Quentin went into nursery at church! It was a good transition because I was afraid to let Quentin in nursery when there were like eight boys that were a lot older than him. Here is a picture of their first … Continue reading DIY Cereal Box Bible Tote for Church

Happy Halloween!!

Dallin was a racquetball player. Quentin was a dog. May Bo was a flight attendant. Micah was an airplane. Happy Halloween 2014!!! See our past Halloween Costumes here: 2013: Super Mario Family 2012: Nerdy Baby Costume OH and we carved plan of salvation pumpkins for Family Home Evening this past Monday!!! 🙂 Yep it’s the Celestial … Continue reading Happy Halloween!!

Hi, I’m a mom!… and indulging myself today.

I’m a mom who loves social media. I’m a mom who loves taking pictures. I take way more pictures than I can keep up with. I’m a mom who enjoys blogging and reading blogs. I’m a mom who really doesn’t have time for blogging. I’m a mom who blogs anyways usually in place of housework. When … Continue reading Hi, I’m a mom!… and indulging myself today.

New SmugMug Site

Hey! So I’ve been a little non-existent here but it’s because: 1) My computer broke (self explanatory) 2) I was distracted into getting a new blog design (do you like it?) 3) I’ve also been working on my new SmugMug site with my photography stuff. I went on a 1.5 week of computer fast and … Continue reading New SmugMug Site