Happy Halloween!!

Dallin was a racquetball player. Quentin was a dog. May Bo was a flight attendant. Micah was an airplane. Happy Halloween 2014!!! See our past Halloween Costumes here: 2013: Super Mario Family 2012: Nerdy Baby Costume OH and we carved plan of salvation pumpkins for Family Home Evening this past Monday!!! 🙂 Yep it’s the Celestial … Continue reading Happy Halloween!!

Our General Conference Hike

The week before General Conference I’m usually feeling really down and I know it’s just Satan trying to make me sad right before a really spiritual General Conference. General Conference is always a breath of fresh air for me! Dallin’s research lab was going on a hike on Saturday morning of General Conference. At first … Continue reading Our General Conference Hike

Our Family’s #Worldcup #Team is #Brazil

Who is your world cup team? Ok our family is totally not into sports. We don’t watch them on TV and we don’t play much sports.  However, our little Micah who’s only 2.5 years old is all about sports! He loves all sports! So I bet this year for the World Cup we will be … Continue reading Our Family’s #Worldcup #Team is #Brazil

Hi, I’m a mom!… and indulging myself today.

I’m a mom who loves social media. I’m a mom who loves taking pictures. I take way more pictures than I can keep up with. I’m a mom who enjoys blogging and reading blogs. I’m a mom who really doesn’t have time for blogging. I’m a mom who blogs anyways usually in place of housework. When … Continue reading Hi, I’m a mom!… and indulging myself today.

New SmugMug Site

Hey! So I’ve been a little non-existent here but it’s because: 1) My computer broke (self explanatory) 2) I was distracted into getting a new blog design (do you like it?) 3) I’ve also been working on my new SmugMug site with my photography stuff. I went on a 1.5 week of computer fast and … Continue reading New SmugMug Site

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Oh man it’s already March 17th and I haven’t posted anything in March! Ok I have lots of excuses. In January, my external hard drive lost half it’s data. I wrote about that here. I spent until March recovering and organizing everything onto a disk drive. I finally finished and was about to back everything … Continue reading Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Classic Skating

I grew up going to Classic Skating all the time! I remember in 6th grade when they took us on a field trip to Classic Skating and I was super excited. My mom encouraged me to learn how to roller blade at a very young age and I’ve always loved it! I didn’t realize that … Continue reading Classic Skating

Happy Valentine’s Day 2014!

DID YOU KNOW? It’s actually “Happy St. Valentine’s Day”? Even though it is unclear exactly who St. Valentine is. One legend I heard while we were in Ireland is that February 14 is the day St. Valentine died. The Dubliners believe he is burried somewhere in Dublin, Ireland. They believe he was killed because he was … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day 2014!