Making Menus… Yikes!

Sorry for the absence. We’ve been traveling on the weekends and we were a little “under the weather” for a week or so. I never thought I’d do it but I’ve started making weekly menus. With the high food prices in Ireland and not having a car… I need to make menus. I’ve actually kinda liked … Continue reading Making Menus… Yikes!


Best Easy Veggie Burgers EVER!

I’ve been always afraid to make veggie burgers because I don’t know how they would turn out. I thought it’d be hard and that it wouldn’t taste very good. Well today I succeeded in making a veggie burgers that both my husband and my toddler loved! This recipe is SUPER EASY and it taste super … Continue reading Best Easy Veggie Burgers EVER!

Flax Seed Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Ok so I went to a bridal shower today and I was just truly inspired to cook again. Dallin and I have been trying recipes with low sugar. This is a great one! Preheat Oven 350 degrees F Ingrediants The dough: 2 tbsp sugar (only so the dough would rise, substitute what you like… ie. … Continue reading Flax Seed Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Food Cupboard

As my friends know I love to make up my own recipes. I like to make healthy substitutes especially for Dallin. Here are some of my creations. Keep on checking back for updates!! Main Dishes Edo Copy Cat Stir Fry Chinese Steamed Eggs Greek Guros Sides Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes Wheat Thing Cracker Recipe Desserts Oatmeal … Continue reading Food Cupboard