3 year old Rock Climber

Our friend took the boys rock climbing! I think climbing is just built into these little boys. Micah who’s 3, loved it. After a few tries, he got 3/4 of the way up the wall. They even had little harnesses for little toddlers for Quentin. However, this is how Quentin felt about climbing the wall. … Continue reading 3 year old Rock Climber

2014 Blog Recap

So I made up some blog goals for 2014 last January. How did I do? Goal: 25,000 Page Views — Reality: 20,307 10 new WordPress friends — Reality: 99 new WP friends!! May Bo post once a week (52 post) — Reality: 31 posts Dallin post once a month — Reality: 1 :)… YAY Dallin! Buy a domain … Continue reading 2014 Blog Recap

Christmas Card 2014

If you didn’t get a Christmas card in the mail from us… well you’re not the only one! We decided to do a digital Christmas card this year and make you a funny movie. Enjoy!   Here’s our past years Christmas Cards: 2010 2011 2012 2013 You’ve probably already seen it but if you haven’t … Continue reading Christmas Card 2014

Rexburg Idaho Temple at Sunrise

This is a picture of the Rexburg Idaho Temple at sunrise taken on Thanksgiving morning 2013. One unique thing about this temple is that there is a big wheat filled in front of it. There is also a bunch of wheat in the temple garden and wheat carvings in the architecture. Wheat is a symbolizes … Continue reading Rexburg Idaho Temple at Sunrise

Inspired DIY Toddler Strider Balance Bike

For Micah’s two year old birthday, we wanted to get him the perfect toddler present. Micah loves cars, motorcycles,  and anything with wheels. In our neighborhood, Strider balance bikes were getting really popular for toddlers. We would see our neighbor’s kids ridding them to and from church all the time. Some of these kids would only be … Continue reading Inspired DIY Toddler Strider Balance Bike

We Converted a Single Stroller to Double Stroller

UPDATE 1/11/2015: By the time my younger son grew out of the carrier car seat (~12 months)… My neighbor gave us their old double stroller. It was bulky!!! I only used it for like a month until my older son preferred to walk everywhere (~3 years old). I put the basket back on the Baby Trend Expedition … Continue reading We Converted a Single Stroller to Double Stroller

Early Potty Training for Boys – Where to start?!

This is Micah. He is 19 months old and he can go pee in a bucket. He only wears a diaper to nap, when we go out, and bed time. I wouldn’t say that he’s “potty trained” but it’s definitely a start! If you’re reading this, I’m telling you right now that I’m not an expert. I … Continue reading Early Potty Training for Boys – Where to start?!

Irish Mormon

I thought this was really cool when this video popped up on my Facebook feed. This guy was at my branch a couple of weeks ago and his son spoke at our church that week. This video really highlights what Ireland looks light. You can see how green it is here! It also has some … Continue reading Irish Mormon