Happy Valentine’s Day 2014!

DID YOU KNOW? It’s actually “Happy St. Valentine’s Day”? Even though it is unclear exactly who St. Valentine is. One legend I heard while we were in Ireland is that February 14 is the day St. Valentine died. The Dubliners believe he is burried somewhere in Dublin, Ireland. They believe he was killed because he was … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day 2014!

Belated Happy Birthday to Me! – Advice Needed

THANK YOU x 1,000,000!!! For all the nice Birthday comments, wishes, messages, notes, calls, emails, cards and text. I read every single one of them and wish I had time to write everyone of you back personally! We celebrated by going to Tucanos. It seemed like everyone at Tucanos was having a birthday. That’s probably … Continue reading Belated Happy Birthday to Me! – Advice Needed

Super Mario Family Costume

For Halloween our family dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Princess Peach costumes. I found this tutorial on how to make a Mario hat and my awesome neighbor, Heather at Feather Flights helped me make the hats for me. They turned out super cute! I got to wear my old high school homecoming dress … Continue reading Super Mario Family Costume

Sunday Outfits

We were all matching for church on Sunday so I had to take a picture! It’s definitely not every Sunday where we match. Most Sundays we just try to get out the door and hope that there is a clean white shirt for the boys to put on. Dallin is usually at a church leadership … Continue reading Sunday Outfits

Ireland Miracle #2

Now that we’ve had some time to ponder about our time in Ireland. I’m going to do a series of stories about miracles that happened on our adventure in Ireland. We feel like our trip to Ireland was one big miracle made up of a bunch of small miracles. The first miracle I blogged about happened … Continue reading Ireland Miracle #2

Having a Baby is Not Scary

I always have friends telling me their fears about giving birth or being pregnant. I had those fears too before I had kids but now I know that having a baby is not scary at all. Having a baby is actually a very spiritual and special experience. It brings so many blessings. I learn so … Continue reading Having a Baby is Not Scary

Free Photo Shoots!

How does it work?  First come first serve. I’ll take a list of people interested and then I’ll start from the top of the list to see if I can work out a time with them. I’ll allocate a few hours a week towards free photo shoots. If I ever get overwhelmed then you might … Continue reading Free Photo Shoots!

About Us

Dallin is a MD/PhD student at University of Utah who got his undergraduate degree at Utah State University. Dallin is doing a MD after his PhD. For his PhD he works in the bioengineering program with anti-cancer pharmaceuticals.  He loves to go biking, play outside, read books, and go on adventures. Dallin speaks Portuguese because he … Continue reading About Us