Irish Mormon

I thought this was really cool when this video popped up on my Facebook feed. This guy was at my branch a couple of weeks ago and his son spoke at our church that week. This video really highlights what Ireland looks light. You can see how green it is here! It also has some … Continue reading Irish Mormon

Happy 18 Months Micah!

I can’t believe Micah is now 18 months. Woot! He is old enough to go to Nursery at church now. How exciting! Now we just need a bunch of nursery aged kids to move into the branch so there can actually be a nursery. 🙂 At 18 months Micah likes: Lasagna, Ham Fried Rice, Pesto, Eggs, … Continue reading Happy 18 Months Micah!

Best Birthday Present

My husband is really good at making me feel really loved on my birthday. His gifts are always perfect but his words are what means the most to me. I have yet to have a birthday without tears of gratefulness. Today, on my birthday, my husband shared with my his testimony of the atonement of … Continue reading Best Birthday Present

Elder Holland CES Fireside

This fireside was a really good message about morals. I recommend it! Elder Holland is one of the apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He testifies that there is a God and He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to atone for our sins. This video has a powerful message and many … Continue reading Elder Holland CES Fireside

Big Family Pictures

This is the biggest group I’ve ever done. I learned a few things… Photographers need to be assertive and have a loud voice. Don’t rush! Learn names so you can position people and get their attention. It works a lot better than “Hey you back there!” Don’t use a portrait lens for a group picture! … Continue reading Big Family Pictures

Away in the Manger… No Crib for His Bed

We’ve done two nights of live nativity at This is the Place Heritage Park during their Candlelight Christmas event. It’s been a really neat experience to have our baby laying in a manger. I can’t imagine giving birth to a baby in a stable. There are real animals in the barn: donkey, sheep, pigs, and … Continue reading Away in the Manger… No Crib for His Bed

All the Hubbards Want for Christmas…

Dear Santa, Every year people ask us what we want for Christmas so we thought we could write a letter to the North Pole (or on a blog… haha) and you can let your elves know what’s on our list. Here are the things we want for Christmas and to make it easy for you … Continue reading All the Hubbards Want for Christmas…

Baby, Baby Girl, Baby Boy?

Yes, we’re expecting and we’re excited It is honestly the happiest feeling ever! We can even describe the blessings and how much joy we feel each day! It’s overwhelming how happy we are. We found out today what we are having! Do you think we’re having a boy or girl? We’ll give you a hint! … Continue reading Baby, Baby Girl, Baby Boy?