Happy Pioneer Day Everyone!

I wanted to dress Micah up like a pioneer but then he was tired and didn’t want to smile for his pictures. Oh well this is what I managed to get! In Utah everyone gets work off for Pioneer Day! There’s a big parade and fireworks in downtown Salt Lake CIty. On July 24, 1987 … Continue reading Happy Pioneer Day Everyone!

Free Photo Shoots!

How does it work?  First come first serve. I’ll take a list of people interested and then I’ll start from the top of the list to see if I can work out a time with them. I’ll allocate a few hours a week towards free photo shoots. If I ever get overwhelmed then you might … Continue reading Free Photo Shoots!

Found My Favorite Diaper

Ok It’s taken me six months but I found my favorite diapers…. ready drum roll!! Target & Walmart diapers. They’re cheap and nice. I’m converted. I’ve also tried Earth’s Best Diapers and Luvs. Still Target and Walmart diapers are my favorite. Target Diapers Sizes Tried: 2, 3, 4 Best Price I’ve Found: $0.15-0.16 / diaper Likes: They are … Continue reading Found My Favorite Diaper

Top 11 of 2011

11. We went to Deseret Star Playhouse for Dallin’s Birthday 10. We planted our first garden plot and it produced vegetables! 9. We went to St. Louis, Missouri; Nauvoo, Illinois; Robinson, Illinois; Gary, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois to visit Grandma Hubbard and Aunt Sue! 8. We finally used all our gift cards to decorate our … Continue reading Top 11 of 2011

Away in the Manger… No Crib for His Bed

We’ve done two nights of live nativity at This is the Place Heritage Park during their Candlelight Christmas event. It’s been a really neat experience to have our baby laying in a manger. I can’t imagine giving birth to a baby in a stable. There are real animals in the barn: donkey, sheep, pigs, and … Continue reading Away in the Manger… No Crib for His Bed

Why I got a Doula

Intro I’ve been really wanting to write about my recent pregnancy and birth of our baby but really haven’t had time with school. So I thought today… better late than never right? 🙂 Definition A doula is a labor coach “who is professionally trained to assist a women during childbirth and who may provide support … Continue reading Why I got a Doula

All the Hubbards Want for Christmas…

Dear Santa, Every year people ask us what we want for Christmas so we thought we could write a letter to the North Pole (or on a blog… haha) and you can let your elves know what’s on our list. Here are the things we want for Christmas and to make it easy for you … Continue reading All the Hubbards Want for Christmas…

About Us

Dallin is a MD/PhD student at University of Utah who got his undergraduate degree at Utah State University. Dallin is doing a MD after his PhD. For his PhD he works in the bioengineering program with anti-cancer pharmaceuticals.  He loves to go biking, play outside, read books, and go on adventures. Dallin speaks Portuguese because he … Continue reading About Us