Our Friends

We had so many friends come celebrate with us throughout the day. The final count was about 350 friends. We love you all! THANKS so much for coming. It was great to see friends that we haven’t seen in years. There were elementary friends, middle school friends, high school friends, college friends, co-workers, neighborhood friends, and our many ward families. Dallin and I has a lot of wonderful friends that we’ve accumulated throughout our lives. It was a party!

More here: http://photos.jarviedigital.com/W/2010-May-Bo/Wedding-Guests/12691656_m6h5k#912815419_rGspW


3 thoughts on “Our Friends”

  1. I ran across your blog from Pinterest and some Primary chorister ideas you have, when I saw your picture and realized I went to high school with Dallin! It was such a fun moment to see how cute of a family you guys have and it looks like you are doing amazing! Thank you for sharing your ideas that you’ve used in primary!!

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