The Family

It was a great big family reunion for the Hubbard and Hsu family!! We all had a lot of fun and had a blast!

Mom and Dad Hubbard:

Mom and Dad Hsu:

Aaron, Gary, Tom: Here are a few of our brothers.

Dave and Camilla: These two got married the week after!

Uncle Ed: Uncle Ed helped us with our invitations and brought a projector to the luncheon. He looks spiffy in his tuxedo.

Ying and Kin Haung: Came all the way from Goodland, Kansas to join in on our celebration. They came to represent for May Bo’s Dad’s siblings from all around the world. We were very fortunate to have them come.

Jon and Yamaris: Local extended family came with their two boys Kevin and Kenneth.

Luiza, Vanessa, and Correy: They are from Canada, New Zealand, and Hong Kong!

“Por Por” Grandma Chen: This is May Bo’s Mom’s Mother who lives in Sandy, Utah.

Grandma Hubbard and Aunt Sue Roales: All the way from Illionois they flew in to support the family!

Grandma Johnson: This is Dallin’s Mom’s Mothering from Pleasant Grove Utah.

Neal and Becky: Came all the way from Waco, Texas to join our celebration with their four kids.

Glen and Andrea: Came all the way from San Antonio, Texas with their six kids in their bus.

Karl and Holly: Came from Pheonix, Arizona with their two kids.

More Aunts:


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