Wedding Photographer

Ok we must admit… we the best Utah wedding photographer. If any of you know Leah Nielson, it’s her cousin! His name is Scott Jarvie and he’s really good! May Bo wanted quality pictures from the wedding. She didn’t really care much about the cake or the dress but she spend hours researching on photographers! Once she met Jarvie and saw his portfolio it was a no brainier decision. Jarvie is really fun to work with and has a bunch of interns that helps him do his photo shoots. What we really like about Jarvie is that he takes a ton of pictures and his pictures are artsy (not boring)… we like that! The two interns that shot our engagements with Jarvie was Paola Gautier and Chuck Liu. Our engagement photo shoot was a blast and a half. Jarvie did such a fantastic job! Thank you!

Bio on Scott Jarvie

“Scott Jarvie is a freelance photographer based in Utah. He has founded many projects within the photography community, including the professional photographers database All The Photographers, and Envision the World — a community driven collection of images and experiences from around the globe. He recently began Jarvie Digital University — an internship program he created to pay forward his knowledge and skill in photography.” -Interview by Allison Aston

This was a bio of Scott featured on:


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