Reception Highlights

The Line: Dallin and I had so much fun in the line! Our throats were so sore after.

The First Dance: Our song was “All My Life” by KC&JO JO. Yes we love hip-hop 🙂 This song was actually played on our first date.

Daddy Daughter Dance: We danced to butterfly kisses. My dad was so happy!

The Kids: All the little kids were so much fun!

Tossing the Garter: Kenneth, May Bo’s little cousin caught the garter. Uh no! Uncle Jon, you better watch out!

Tossing the Bouquet: Our friend, Linda, caught the bouquet. She totally deserves it!

Cutting the Cake: The cake was decorated by the bridesmaids – Catherine, Sam, Hillary, and Heather.

The Food: The chocolate fountain was from “And then there was chocolate” – Sea Horse Enterprises

The Decorations: Presented by “I do decor” – Jennifer Duncan

The DJ: Our very own David and Camilla Hubbard.

The Present Guards: The Durrant boys knew what they were doing! It’s like the CIA or something.

The Departure: We had sparklers waiting for us outside. Oh and THANK GOODNESS, our car wasn’t bad at all!


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