San Diego Temple dubbed “Mormon Disneyland”

My husband had to go to San Diego, California recently for a conference trip. He never likes leaving the family at home so we all went with him. While we were planning the trip, the question came up: “Should we go to Disneyland?” We went back and forth on the decision but we finally decided that we didn’t want to take our kids to Disneyland yet because they are too young (2 years, 3 months). We had planned on driving from Salt Lake City to San Diego; so as an alternative to Disneyland, we decided to stop at every temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) along the way.

Micah, our two year old, loved our temple trip! He said “TEMPLE! TEMPLE!” every time we arrived at one. Traveling with kids can be very stressful, especially when they get restless and start crying. Stopping at the temples was the perfect rest stop because we could feel the Spirit instantly as we stepped foot on the temple grounds. When we got to the temples, we strolled around and took pictures of each temple.

I decided I’m going to blog about the San Diego La Jolla Temple first because it is by far the most unique temple I have ever been too and I’ve been to quite a few. As you drive south towards downtown San Diego on the freeway I-5, you suddenly see this magnificent castle on the left hand side of the road.  This temple gets random visitors, who get off the freeway, just to see what kind of building it is. I love all temples but the San Diego temple is exceptionally beautiful! We heard multiple times on the trip that the San Diego temple is nicknamed “Mormon Disneyland.” Even customer reviews on Google say stuff like “I’m not Mormon, but it’s a spectacular view from the freeway, reminds me of Disneyland.”

While some people spend lots of money getting married in the Disneyland castle. There are far greater sacrifices to get married in a LDS Temple. First, we have to be a member of the LDS Church and have a testimony of the Godhead, atonement, and restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then, we have to be worthy to enter the temple by obeying all the commandments of God the best we can. Some of these commandments include tithing, law of chastity, the 10 commandments, and word of wisdom. Finally, we have to witness to our bishop that we believe we are worthy to attend the temple during a temple recommend interview. I know what you’re thinking “Nobody is perfect enough to go to the temple!” Well, because we are imperfect people, we can repent to become worthy to go to the temple. When we repent, we are cleansed through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Now you’re probably thinking  “Holy cow! That’s a lot of work!” Getting married in a LDS Temple is worth all the sacrifice because marriages in the temple are sealed up for time and all eternity and not just “till death due us part.” These temples are literally “the happiest place[s] on earth.”  But not only that, Temples are where we can go to learn more about God’s plan for us. Members of the LDS Church, whether single or married, starting at the age of 12, can attend and re-attend the temples regularly to pray and learn more about the Plan of Happiness. If you’re already married, you and your current spouse can prepare yourselves to go to the temple to get sealed. We don’t have to be perfect people to attend the temple but constantly attending the temple will help us become perfect.

I can’t express in words how happy, wonderful and peaceful I feel to be inside a temple. It doesn’t matter how many problems I have that day, if I can make it to the temple, I will feel peace. My problems don’t go away but I receive strength and comfort from God when I attend the temple. I can also more easily gather my thoughts when I’m at the temple, especially when I am confused about something in my life.

I invite everyone to attend or prepare themselves to attend the temple so you can witness for yourself the peace and serenity of being inside the House of the Lord. I invite you to the temple to receive eternal blessings of salvation and eternal families. I invite you to visit one of our temples even if you can’t go in. They are spectacular and you may even be greeted with a free tour guide. Some of the LDS Temples have visitor centers where you can learn more about what we do inside a temple. To find you local temple please visit the LDS Temple website.

What is your favorite LDS Temple?


28 thoughts on “San Diego Temple dubbed “Mormon Disneyland””

  1. Reblogged this on Life Of A Clare Bear and commented:
    When I have kids, I want to be able to do things like this. What a great idea, and something so important to teach your kids while they are young. A cute blog about something so important 🙂

  2. Nice photos! I’ve only seen the outside. I’ve heard it’s really cool inside, too. Someday we will have to go back.

  3. What a great idea for a meaningful trip with the children! We were married in the Washington, D.C. Temple, which is sometimes referred to (disparagingly) as a Disney World castle. I don’t take that as an insult, as Disney World is a wonderful place. But Disney World is pretend, the Temple is real, very real, eternally real.

  4. These pictures are amazing. So so beautiful. I was wondering if there is a way to get a copy of any of them so I can frame them in my house. I’ve been looking for a beautiful, unique picture if the San diego temple everywhere and these are perfect.

  5. We lived in San Diego for 20 years. We spent a lot of time walking around the temple after it was built. My in-laws lived in Idaho, and when we would travel to visit them, we would look for each temple along the way. Everyone was eager to be the first to spot them. But I always chuckle about the “casino temple.” When my oldest was just 3, we were traveling up to Idaho during the night. He was asleep for most of the trip. But my hubby needed to make a stop, so he pulled up into the parking lot of Whiskey Pete’s casino. Just then my precious son woke up and was dazzled by the lights. “Temple,” he cried out. We laughed. Yes, that was man’s temple. But it would be a while before we saw God’s temple along the freeway.

    1. That’s very cute. My oldest son use to call every chaple a temple… now he knows that he needs to look for Angel Moroni but not all temples have that angel! Thanks for sharing the story! 😀

  6. May I also make a request to have one of the temple pictures? I have a wall in our home of the temples we have visited as a family. I don’t have one of the San Diego Temple. The pictures you took are beautiful and I love the angles and the light in them.

      1. Yes, aormston(at)gmail(dot)com

        Thanks so much. Can’t wait to print it off and put it on my wall. 🙂

  7. I’d like to get some of these photos printed for our young women who just graduated from high school if you would be so gracious. They like the 4th from the top and the 8th from the top. so the one with the tree and the full front view. Thank you for sharing!

  8. This was such an inspired post! I grew up in SD and this was my temple. I did my first baptisms there as a youth, I received my endowment there and was then married to my eternal companion. All of the temples are wonderful, but this one holds a special place in my heart.

    I’ve been wanting to put up some new pictures in our home of the SD temple as we approach our 10 year anniversary and these images really speak to my heart. Would you be willing to share a few? Or is there a place to buy the digital files? So so beautiful!

    I’m interested in images:

    My email is:

    Thank you so so much!
    Kaylene Myers

  9. Hello, I came upon your blog with your beautiful pictures of the temple. We were married here 17 years ago and it holds a special place in my heart. I would love to print your photos. would you be able to send them to me through my email? I would appreciate that so much. Let me know if there is cost for them. Thank you, CeCe

  10. Beautiful pictures! My husband and I were married there 16 years ago. I would love to print a few of these to put them on my walls in our bedroom. Do you sell these prints?

    1. I sell the files for $25 each and people go print them. The max size I recommend is 20″ by 30″ or even better 16″ by 24″. If you would like more than 1 file I would love to work a deal out with you and send you the whole gallery.

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