Best Diaper Search!

Ok Micah is graduating to size 3 diapers and I think I’m going to go on a diaper search. I think I’m going to go buy a small package of all the store brand diapers and give them a try then blog about it.

Here are the ones I’ve tried so far:

Pampers Swaddlers

Sizes Tried: N, 1, 1-2

Best Price I’ve Found: $0.13 / diaper

Likes: These diapers are really soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. These were also the ones they gave us at the hospital. They also have a wetness indicator on the outside of the diaper on sizes N, 1-2, and 2. They hold a lot of urine and doesn’t leak out the sides because when the diaper is full it is still soft and squishy.

Dislikes: I breastfeed my baby so he has that yellow seedy breast milk poop and Pampers Swaddlers doesn’t have that waistband like Huggies or Kirkland does so it goes up his back all the time! They also have this sticky tag that is a little hard on the skin if you don’t put the diaper on right.  I bought a big box of size 1-2 and it was pointless because I should’ve just gotten size 2. The size 1-2 is only a tiny bit bigger than their size 1 diaper. Expensive when not on sale or have a coupon.

Neither Like or Dislike: They have this velcro and sticky tag feature. I’m not sure why they use both. The have Sesame Street characters on them.

Huggies Little Snugglers

Sizes Tried: N, 2

Best Price I’ve Found: $0.14 / diaper

Likes: These diapers soft but not like Pampers soft. They have this strechy waistband that keeps poop from going up my baby’s back; however, it still gets there sometimes. They use a really nice resealable velco to keep the diaper shut.

Dislikes: These diapers are stiff so if you don’t put them on right or tight enough, it will leak out the side and up the baby’s back. Even though they’re really good with keeping poop from going up the back, I’ve had problems with poop squirting out the sides especially when my baby poops when he’s sitting down. Also when the diaper is full, it gets really puffy which allows urine to leak out the sides. Expensive when not on sale or have a coupon.

Neither Like or Dislike: These diapers are white and have minimal designs.

Kirkland Diapers

Sizes Tried: 1, 1-2

Best Price I’ve Found: ?? Got it as a gift

Likes: I feel like Kirkland diapers are pretty much the same design as Huggies. However, when the diaper is full it doesn’t get as puffy or stiff as the Huggies so not as much urine leaks out the sides. They also have the stretchy waistband which is nice! I’m sure they are probably cheaper than Huggies. I liked them for the most part.

Dislikes: The quality of material of the diaper is slightly less than Huggies but not by much. I don’t have a Costco card so it would be inconvenient for me to buy Kirkland diapers.

Neither Like or Dislike: They don’t have the wetness indicator like the Huggies / Pampers do. They have the same velco strip like Huggies. They also are white and have minimal design.

Any suggestions for what to try next? or Comments about diapers? 🙂 I’m thinking I’ll try Target brand next.


One thought on “Best Diaper Search!”

  1. Hey Maybo! We love using Kirkland brand!! They are about 10-15 bucks cheaper than the big box of Huggies you can get at Costco depending if you get the coupon for diapers out of the flyer which all I have seen is for only the Kirkland brand. We are in size 5 and the huggies box is $45 with 176 diapers and the Kirkland box is $34 with 168 diapers. We did get the kill and diapers on a sale price which was $7 of the original price.

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