Found My Favorite Diaper

Ok It’s taken me six months but I found my favorite diapers…. ready drum roll!! Target & Walmart diapers. They’re cheap and nice. I’m converted. I’ve also tried Earth’s Best Diapers and Luvs. Still Target and Walmart diapers are my favorite.

Target Diapers

Sizes Tried: 2, 3, 4

Best Price I’ve Found: $0.15-0.16 / diaper

Likes: They are made with pretty nice material. They have a stretchy waste band just like Huggies. They’re big and cheap. I haven’t really had any problems with blowouts. I also think they’re cute. They have the Velcro straps.

Neither Like or Dislike: They have blue and green polka dots on them so it might show through if your baby is wearing light clothing

Walmart Diapers

Sizes Tried: 3, 4

Best Price I’ve Found: $0.15 / diaper

Likes: They also have a stretchy waste band just like Huggies & Target Diapers. They’re big and cheap. They’re not as cute as the target diapers though…They also have Velcro straps. These diapers fits well on Micah. Now that he’s crawling it has the perfect fit to his baby bum. They hold a lot of fluid!! I haven’t really had any problems with blowouts.

Neither Like or Dislike: They are white with teddy bears on them.

Luvs Diapers

Sizes Tried: 2, 3

Best Price I’ve Found: $0.16

Likes: Cheap. That’s about it though.

Dislikes: The quality of material of the diaper is not very nice. They smell weird and they feel scratchy. They puff up a lot when they’re wet. They don’t have the stretchy waistband so I’ve had blowouts up his back. They have both velcro and sticker for the straps and it leaves marks on Micah’s skin when I don’t put them on right.

Neither Like or Dislike: They have some purple design of a monkey on them.

Earth’s Best Diapers

Sizes Tried: 3

Best Price I’ve Found: $0.20 / diaper

Likes: Nothing really. They advertise that their diapers of eco friendly and chlorine free (but if you wanted to go eco friendly might as well use cloth diapers)…  I didn’t have problems with blow outs!

Dislikes: The quality of material of the diaper is different. They swell up a lot. They have a stretchy band but an ugly design. The area around the thighs were too big for Micah. The diaper didn’t fit him very well.


One thought on “Found My Favorite Diaper”

  1. This totally just goes to show that every single baby is different, because I use only Huggies when I’m using disposables, and they’re my FAVORITE on Ellie. The WalMart Diapers were TERRIBLE with her, but I’m glad you have found one you like! FYI, Blowouts NEVER happen in cloth 🙂 in the few weeks we’ve been using them with Ellie, we’ve never had a blowout, but the couple times she’s been in a disposable, she’s had issues when there’s poop! (Could be that she just poops A LOT!!) Anyway, good review!

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