Breast Milk Jaundice vs. Breast Feeding Jaundice


As I’m prepping to breastfeed my new baby. I remembered that my first baby had a type of jaundice that was induced by my breast milk called Breast Milk Jaundice. He was NOT mal-nutrition that is called Breast Feeding Jaundice.  Breast Milk Jaundice occurred when he was about a week and a half old and, usually, Breast Feeding Jaundice occurs during the first week of life. Rather there was a protein in my breast milk that caused my baby to not be able to break up bilirubin which made him really yellow looking. The doctors couldn’t tell if he had jaundice or if his skin was just “asian colored”… lol (see picture above). They asked me to stop breastfeeding for 1 day. They tested my baby’s bilirubin levels before and after. Surely enough… his bilirubin count dropped significantly after 1 day of being on formula. There is nothing they could do about Breast Milk Jaundice and it is not harmful to the mom or baby. The Breast Milk Jaundice disappeared when he was about 6 weeks old and his skin was as white as can be (see picture below). If this happens again, I won’t be stopping breastfeeding for them to test it.



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