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Courageous Movie Review

We recently watched the movie Courageous. We loved it! Dallin and I usually don’t watch movies nor do we watch PG-13 movies but we really like Courageous.

The movie is about Fathers. I cried throughout the whole thing.

There was no swearing or profanity. The reason why it is rated PG-13 is because it shows gang violence but it uses it in the right context and doesn’t justify violence.

It’s a perfect movie to watch with a date because it is action packed and exciting but it also delivers a heartfelt message about families. We were on the edge of our seats the whole time and afterwards we couldn’t stop quoting the funny parts.

You have to watch this movie!!

For a while we gave up on watching movies because we couldn’t ever find a good movie but then our wonderful neighbor started giving us movie suggestions and we have been enjoying many good wholesome movies!!

The Family Proclamation to the World says that we should enjoy “wholesome recreational activities”.

Elder Christofferson said in his talked, Reflections on a Consecrated Life, “Ironically, it sometimes takes hard work to find wholesome leisure. When entertainment turns from virtue to vice, it becomes a destroyer of the consecrated life. “Wherefore, take heed … that ye do not judge that which is evil to be of God” (Moroni 7:14).”

It has been hard to find wholesome movies but when we find one to watch it brings us a lot of joy so I guess we haven’t giving up on movies after all.

The For Strength of Youth gives us a good guideline on what type of media is ok to watch.