Free Photo Shoots!

How does it work? 

First come first serve. I’ll take a list of people interested and then I’ll start from the top of the list to see if I can work out a time with them. I’ll allocate a few hours a week towards free photo shoots. If I ever get overwhelmed then you might have to wait so ask early so I can schedule you in.

Is it really free?

I’m committed to never ask you to pay me. If you want a photo shoot, it’s 100% FREE! However, photography is not cheap. Camera, software, time, accessories, storage space, computer, and website all a lot cost money. So I’m willing to take donations.

How do the donations work?

This will be the start of my non-profit hobby (for tax purposes we need to call it a hobby). If you donate a dollar, $0.20 of it will go to a charity of my choice. Then $0.80 of it will go in a piggy bank and it’ll be save up to buy photography equipment, memory storage, software, and run the website. Donations will allow me to continue to do free photo shoots for everyone but never feel like it’s an obligation. I will not be doing photo shoots for a profit.

What type of photography do I do? See my full portfolio here.

Why am I doing this?

I want to allow new families who have a tight budget to have a way to be able to get nice family pictures. I also want to give back to the community. Most of all I want to promote families, children, temples, family history work, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 🙂

What’s in it for you?

  • All rights to the pictures files (this is a big deal!). You can use them for anything you want! The cheapest you’ll ever find this is $79 at Fotofly in Draper, Utah.
  • Nice professionally edited pictures
  • Free Photo Shoot
  • Hangout with me, Micah, and Quentin!

 What could you do for me?

Post the pictures I take for you on Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Pinterests, ect. Tell people I took your pictures and share my blog on social media. Help me promote families, children, temples, family history work, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.


One thought on “Free Photo Shoots!”

  1. Hey I want to be on the list for Henry’s first birthday pictures (end of September).
    And what about if I promote this on my blog? I know I’ve got a lot of readers in Utah. What do you think?

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