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Our First Impression of Ireland


  • “I felt like we got on a plane and landed in Harry Potter world!” (I reminded Dallin that Harry Potter is probably more like England)
  • “I feel like I’m on the mission again.”
  • “I want to ride on the top floor of the double decker bus!”
  • “I want to go watch the Hobbit” (There are advertisements everywhere!)
  • “The sun sets at 3 pm everyday”
  • “I think we’re lost… again”
  • “I can’t sleep so I’m just going to snuggle May Bo and wake her up.”


  • “I got to play with a double decker bus in nursery at Church!”
  • “All the Irish people we meet wants to hold me, I don’t let them and I cry.”
  • “Strangers come up to me and starts playing with me.”
  • “I like being pushed around in my buggy all day long.”
  • “I am drenched. It rains all day long.”
  • “I’m glad Mommy and Daddy know where they’re going.”
  • “Why can’t I sleep at night?” (Micah woke up last night at 11 pm and struggled to go back to bed. He didn’t cry but he seemed a little confused.)

May Bo

  • “The yogurt here is much better in Ireland than in the US.”
  • “Irish people are very friendly, approachable, and generous.”
  • “Everything here is so eco friendly!”
  • “Wow… the shuttle driver didn’t take a tip.” (I guess you only tip at restaurants here… I’ll write another blog about this.)
  • “Thank goodness… they have Subway here.” (As in Subway Sandwiches… instead of $5 foot long they have 4 Euro foot long)
  • “Still haven’t figured out why there are two buttons on the toilet….”
  • “I’m tired… Dallin and Micah go to bed!”

Irish Words

I will update my blog with new words I learn everyday while I’m in Ireland. I realized that it’s not just me that don’t understand Irish accents but they can’t understand my accent! I’ve gotten some pretty funny faces because they don’t understand how I speak. I just can’t pronouce their words correctly. I asked the bus driver if the bus goes to Slaney Road (I pronounced it ‘Slan’ ‘ney’)  and the bus driver said no and I got off the bus.  I was so confused then the next bus came and it was the same bus number. Again I asked for Slaney Road and the bus driver gave me a funny face. Finally I pulled up the map and showed him and he was like “OH! Slaney Road (‘Slain’ ‘Lee’)”. I got on and got off within a few minutes. I guess I could’ve just walked there. HAHA! Here’s some other words that I didn’t know about:

Buggy => Stroller

Soother => Pacifier

Brown Sauce => BBQ Sauce (Kinda… it has a strong vinegar taste to it)

Chew and Chat => Linger Longer (Mormon term for a social with food after church, except a Chew and Chat is more like a pot luck where everyone brings something and socials after church)