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Things I wish were in Ireland

Hidden Valley Ranch – One of my good friends spend over $20 sending me some ranch packets.  I’ve been savoring them. I don’t think they’ll last me much longer.

Cafe Rio – Enough said… They don’t even sell fresh tomatillos in Ireland!

Mexican Food – The Mexican food isle at the store is small and I haven’t seen a Mexican restaurant in town.

Scott Jarvie – I wish I had my favorite photographer to take professional pictures of us in Ireland. 🙂

Gym with Childcare – No such thing as Gold’s Gym or 24 Hour Fitness here.

Distribution Center or Deseret Book – It was so convient to pick up gospel material when I needed it. We still need a picture of Jesus and the Temple at our apartment. I just need to order it online. Those blue copies of the Book of Mormon are precious in Ireland.

Costco or Sam’s Club – Since when is buying in bulk MORE expensive? It’s cheaper to by the 1 kg rice verse the 2 kg rice here. 😦

My Kitchen Aid – Cooking just hasn’t been the same without it.

Sun – Oh Mister sun, sun Mister golden sun please shine down on me!

Egg Nog (Dallin’s Request) – We celebrated our new years without Egg Nog this year.

Temple – Haven’t been to the temple since we left Utah! I miss just seeing the temple.