FormerTheist: The Adventure Begins

Wow what a cool conversion story.. I can’t wait to read more. Let’s all welcome him to our church! 🙂

Thoughts of a Former Theist

I remember going to church with my mother and sisters, but not often.  We were very much the C & E type of Christians.  Dad would never go though.  All I knew was that he didn’t like church – I never knew (still don’t) whether he believed or not, just that he didn’t want to go to church.  I knew that he had been raised Catholic and there was some resentment towards the RC church, ostensibly due to his family’s situation around the time of WWII and the church’s sanctioned attitude to how families should work being a major factor.  I have wondered, however, in my later years, if my father was ever a victim.  He had been an active churchgoer – singing in the choir etc. – before suddenly leaving. The idea that my father – a barrel-chested, outgoing, physically dominant man’s man – could have been abused at…

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