St. George Temple Picture

Someone made a really nice comment on my last St. George Temple picture post and I recently found this picture taken back in 2008.  I re-edited it and I like it so much! So I thought I share it with you.


I took this picture with an Olympus Camera and Lens. I highly recommend Olympus SLRs for a good cheaper off-brand alternative to Canon/Nikon.

St. George Temple is actually the first running temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and it’s one of the eight temples that does not have an Angel Moroni! I wonder why! Do you know?




5 thoughts on “St. George Temple Picture”

  1. Beautiful photo! You got me on the Angel Moroni question. A quick search didn’t net me any answers other than it sits atop most Temples but is not required. Please post or let me know if you find out! 🙂

      1. Actually, with Brigham summering up there in St. George, after the temple was finished Brigham wanted the upper portions taller but was rebuffed by those in St. George. Shortly after his death, the Temple was struck by lightning destroying the guess what?. When it was rebuilt, they did it to Brigham’s specs.

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