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Nerdy Baby Vest Overalls

Can you tell I’m a little picture happy lately? I took these pictures for my friend Heather’s blog The tutorial to make this baby nerdy sweater vest will be up on her blog tomorrow! Enjoy.

Found My Favorite Diaper

Ok It’s taken me six months but I found my favorite diapers…. ready drum roll!! Target & Walmart diapers. They’re cheap and nice. I’m converted. I’ve also tried Earth’s Best Diapers and Luvs. Still Target and Walmart diapers are my favorite.

Target Diapers

Sizes Tried: 2, 3, 4

Best Price I’ve Found: $0.15-0.16 / diaper

Likes: They are made with pretty nice material. They have a stretchy waste band just like Huggies. They’re big and cheap. I haven’t really had any problems with blowouts. I also think they’re cute. They have the Velcro straps.

Neither Like or Dislike: They have blue and green polka dots on them so it might show through if your baby is wearing light clothing

Walmart Diapers

Sizes Tried: 3, 4

Best Price I’ve Found: $0.15 / diaper

Likes: They also have a stretchy waste band just like Huggies & Target Diapers. They’re big and cheap. They’re not as cute as the target diapers though…They also have Velcro straps. These diapers fits well on Micah. Now that he’s crawling it has the perfect fit to his baby bum. They hold a lot of fluid!! I haven’t really had any problems with blowouts.

Neither Like or Dislike: They are white with teddy bears on them.

Luvs Diapers

Sizes Tried: 2, 3

Best Price I’ve Found: $0.16

Likes: Cheap. That’s about it though.

Dislikes: The quality of material of the diaper is not very nice. They smell weird and they feel scratchy. They puff up a lot when they’re wet. They don’t have the stretchy waistband so I’ve had blowouts up his back. They have both velcro and sticker for the straps and it leaves marks on Micah’s skin when I don’t put them on right.

Neither Like or Dislike: They have some purple design of a monkey on them.

Earth’s Best Diapers

Sizes Tried: 3

Best Price I’ve Found: $0.20 / diaper

Likes: Nothing really. They advertise that their diapers of eco friendly and chlorine free (but if you wanted to go eco friendly might as well use cloth diapers)…  I didn’t have problems with blow outs!

Dislikes: The quality of material of the diaper is different. They swell up a lot. They have a stretchy band but an ugly design. The area around the thighs were too big for Micah. The diaper didn’t fit him very well.

Best Diaper Search!

Ok Micah is graduating to size 3 diapers and I think I’m going to go on a diaper search. I think I’m going to go buy a small package of all the store brand diapers and give them a try then blog about it.

Here are the ones I’ve tried so far:

Pampers Swaddlers

Sizes Tried: N, 1, 1-2

Best Price I’ve Found: $0.13 / diaper

Likes: These diapers are really soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. These were also the ones they gave us at the hospital. They also have a wetness indicator on the outside of the diaper on sizes N, 1-2, and 2. They hold a lot of urine and doesn’t leak out the sides because when the diaper is full it is still soft and squishy.

Dislikes: I breastfeed my baby so he has that yellow seedy breast milk poop and Pampers Swaddlers doesn’t have that waistband like Huggies or Kirkland does so it goes up his back all the time! They also have this sticky tag that is a little hard on the skin if you don’t put the diaper on right.  I bought a big box of size 1-2 and it was pointless because I should’ve just gotten size 2. The size 1-2 is only a tiny bit bigger than their size 1 diaper. Expensive when not on sale or have a coupon.

Neither Like or Dislike: They have this velcro and sticky tag feature. I’m not sure why they use both. The have Sesame Street characters on them.

Huggies Little Snugglers

Sizes Tried: N, 2

Best Price I’ve Found: $0.14 / diaper

Likes: These diapers soft but not like Pampers soft. They have this strechy waistband that keeps poop from going up my baby’s back; however, it still gets there sometimes. They use a really nice resealable velco to keep the diaper shut.

Dislikes: These diapers are stiff so if you don’t put them on right or tight enough, it will leak out the side and up the baby’s back. Even though they’re really good with keeping poop from going up the back, I’ve had problems with poop squirting out the sides especially when my baby poops when he’s sitting down. Also when the diaper is full, it gets really puffy which allows urine to leak out the sides. Expensive when not on sale or have a coupon.

Neither Like or Dislike: These diapers are white and have minimal designs.

Kirkland Diapers

Sizes Tried: 1, 1-2

Best Price I’ve Found: ?? Got it as a gift

Likes: I feel like Kirkland diapers are pretty much the same design as Huggies. However, when the diaper is full it doesn’t get as puffy or stiff as the Huggies so not as much urine leaks out the sides. They also have the stretchy waistband which is nice! I’m sure they are probably cheaper than Huggies. I liked them for the most part.

Dislikes: The quality of material of the diaper is slightly less than Huggies but not by much. I don’t have a Costco card so it would be inconvenient for me to buy Kirkland diapers.

Neither Like or Dislike: They don’t have the wetness indicator like the Huggies / Pampers do. They have the same velco strip like Huggies. They also are white and have minimal design.

Any suggestions for what to try next? or Comments about diapers? 🙂 I’m thinking I’ll try Target brand next.

Why I got a Doula


I’ve been really wanting to write about my recent pregnancy and birth of our baby but really haven’t had time with school. So I thought today… better late than never right? 🙂


A doula is a labor coach “who is professionally trained to assist a women during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born” [Google Web Definition].

Why a doula?

I was really terrified of childbirth but after talking to a few good friends who had really good birth natural experiences, I prayed about what I should do. After praying about it I felt the desire that I wanted to have a natural childbirth. (Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against epidurals! If you want one then by all means get one! For me, I was really scared to get an epidural because I didn’t want a big needle poked up my spine or to be paralyzed from the waist down. Who knows… may be one day I’ll overcome my fears and get an epidural.) For those who know me, I am a big wimp when it comes to pain. I have zero pain tolerance. Dallin can poke me and I would say “ouch!” So I knew I had a lot of work to do to prepare for a natural labor. I wanted someone to coach Dallin to help me get through labor without an epidural. I wanted someone who knew hospital procedures and protocols. I wanted someone who could massage me and help me relax during labor. I wanted someone who could teach me different positions I could use during labor. I wanted someone to stay there with me during my labor. I wanted a pain-free labor. And guess what?! I got exactly what I wanted with my doula! Here’s a picture of my doula, me, and Micah right after birth.

What about a doctor?

I had a OBGYN (a doctor) and hired a doula on the side. A doctor is the person you go to during your pregnancy to get your check ups. He can write you prescriptions, perform lab work, and make sure you’re in good health. A doctor comes to check up on you when you’re in labor at the hospital and usually comes back at the very end when you about to deliver the baby unless there’s a complication. A doctor performs C-sections and other medical labor procedures. A doctor makes all the medical decisions and facilitates the delivery of the baby. A doula does not cross over the medical side of your pregnancy or labor. A doula is there for support emotionally, physically, and helping you achieve your ideal birth usually with a specific birthing method.

What part did my doula play in my childbirth experience?

After I hired my doula, I was in constant contact with her. I would let her know how my pregnancy is going and ask her for her advice on things I was concerned about. She would help me decide when it was appropriate to call the doctor or help me work out my concerns. My doula came for a pre-labor visit to discuss my birth plan and what I wanted during labor. She answered all my “how will I know I’m in labor?” questions and my questions about “what it is like to deliver a baby in a hospital?”. She also helped me draft my birth plan to give to my doctor.

When I was having contractions (aka. birth waves), I stayed in touch with my doula throughout the day. My baby came faster than we thought! The doula helped me decide when to go to the hospital. My water broke at around 10:30 pm at home. The doula met us at the hospital. When she came, it made the world of difference. She helped me get in comfortable positions. The doula and Dallin gave me pressed on various parts of my body like my lower back and hips to help equalize the pressure of the birthing waves. It felt so good and such a relief. She helped me bounce on a birthing ball to dilate faster and she also helped me with different positions to help me push the baby out. The doula helped me do mother-directed pushing which also felt really good to be in control of the delivery of the baby. She also gave me emotional support and lots of encouragement. She helped me mentally feel like I can do it! It was like running a race and she was there to keep me running! After she helped us get our bags out of the car and took lots of pictures for us which was really nice because Dallin and I were busy looking at our new baby! My doula helped me achieve my natural childbirth and it was sure worth it! Right after the baby came out my body stopped working and it felt normal again. In fact, it felt better than normal because I was on an adrenaline rush at 4:00 am in the morning! I was able to walk, eat, and go to the bathroom by myself. I have to thank my doula for helping me overcome my fears and also one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.

How do you get a doula?

I just searched online and asked for references. You go through an interview process with as many doulas as you want. Interviews are usually free and it allows you to find a doula who fits your needs/personality. It’s definitely worth the time and research to find the one you want.

Doula Referals

Andrea Donaldson Lythgoe – This is the doula who attended my birth. She was very good to work with and is a certified doula. She likes lamaze birth method and teaches natural childbirth classes at St. Marks hospital. She also came to visit me for a postpartum visit.

Kristy Avery Huber – My original doula who helped me during my pregnancy but was not able to attend my birth so she sent Andrea. Kristy was the doula I interviewed with and visited me for my pre-labor visit.

Both are very highly skilled at what they do!

Let me know if you want to talk about childbirth because I could talk about this for hours!