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#ThrowbackThursday: Family Pictures in Emigration Canyon

We took these pictures back in December but I finally finished sorting and editing them! Enjoy them all here.

20131231-IMG_0577 untitled


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: Family Pictures in Cottonwood Canyon

Can you believe I have family pictures taken back in Sept 2012 that haven’t been sorted or edited or touched?

Well, cheers to the long journey that I have embarked on to rate, sort and edited my pictures. But guess what?! I have all my pictures files organized and backed up. This was a 6 month process!!! And… I only lost about 700 pictures during the process. I have over 100,000 personal pictures and 17,000 pictures I’ve taken for other people. It’s amazing how data adds up over time.

Did you know? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has billions of free genealogy records online? You can find them here on The records include pictures, birth certificates, death records and so much more!

To see the rest of these family pictures taken by my little brother click here or on the picture. These pictures were taken back in Sept 2012 in Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah.

#Throwbackthursday: Sunday Outfits

Since I’m retro-blogging, I’m going to implement “Throwback Thursday” aka #TBT.

It’s been really stressful getting my computer back up and running but I’m almost there! I’ve reformatted my computer and backed up everything. It just takes so long to copy terabytes of data. Once this stops consuming my life… may be i’ll be able to produce new or more current updates. 🙂

You can see the original “Sunday Outfits” post here.