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Follow the Prophet – Wiggle Song Cards!

I’ve been pondering on how I can teach all nine verses of “Follow the Prophet” song from the LDS Children Song Book which is the theme song for March 2015 in the current 2015 Sharing Time Manual: I Know My Savior Lives.

I guess it’s a new year resolution for me to learn all nine verses! I thought it would be fun to make it part of the weekly “wiggle song” choices so I made these “Follow the Prophet Wiggle Cards!”

It’s the same concept as what you would do with the song “Do as I’m Doing.” I made up actions that kinda associate to each prophet.

Hopefully it will help get all the wiggles out! 🙂


Download: PDF Version Follow the Prophet Wiggle Cards

Follow the Prophet Wiggle CardsFollow the Prophet Wiggle Cards 2