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I Love to See the Temple

I can’t help but writing another post about temples!

I recently took these pictures for a neighbor. Her daughter is turning 8 and she is going to get baptized and they wanted pictures for a baptism invitation. We believe that age 8 is the age of accountability and we don’t believe in infant baptism. We believe that all children who pass away before they are 8 are all saved without the need of baptism (reference D&C 137:10).

All others who die without baptism will eventually get the chance to learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Spirit World. We do baptisms for the dead for our ancestors in the temples. We believe in agency therefore the people we do baptisms for will be able to choose for themselves whether or not to accept the ordinance. We do not impose baptism on anyone dead or alive.

When we are baptize, we commit to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. Our past sins and transgressions are washed away. We commit to do the best we can to follow all the commandments and repent when we make mistakes. We promise to comfort those who need of comfort and stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things and in all places (reference Mosiah 18:9).

Remember to check out the Brigham City Temple Open House before Sept 15, 2012 if you want to go inside a temple and see what happens inside!

See Inside a Mormon Temple

We just recently went to Brigham City Temple Open House. It was absolutely wonderful and beautiful! My baby, Micah, was so interested and intrigued by being inside a temple for the first time. Usually you have to be 12 years old, a baptize member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and receive a temple recommend by your church leaders to go inside a temple. To recieve a temple recommend you have to be striving to keep all of God’s commandments such as paying full tithingattend church regularly, sustain church leaders, and keep the word of wisdom.

In the Temple worthy members of the church go to make covenants with God. Also in the temple, families are sealed together forever. It’s a place to feel peace and happiness. You go to learn about Jesus Christ and escape from the stress of the world.

The Brigham City Temple has not yet been dedicated and everyone is invited to go inside the temple until September 15, 2012.  If you want to go see the temple you can reserve your tickets online. This is something you do not want to miss out on!

Baby Cardigan Onesie Tutorial Photoshoot

I did this photo shoot for my friend’s blog and her baby cardigan tutorial got over 1k hits on Pinterest in one day! Wow! Enjoy her tutorial and the pictures here.

Free Senior Pictures and Senior Picture Ideas!

Since my brother Aaron is a high school senior this year I thought it’d be fun to take some senior pictures. I remember how awful it was to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for senior pictures. I’ll take yours for free (space limited, first come first serve)! But for the sake that I spent so much money on my senior pictures and never used them… I’ll use them as examples in this blog post.

Here are the steps to get your senior pictures for free:

  1. Get group of preferably around 4-5 or more seniors who want individual senior or senior friends pictures.
  2. Think of a place in Salt Lake City/Sandy that you would want your pictures taken.
  3. Schedule a date with me to take your group’s senior pictures.
  4. Read my tips below before arriving at your photo shoot.
  5. Download your pictures individually for free on my website or pay a $6.99 processing fee to download all the ORIGINAL pictures at once. I will give you all the rights to these pictures. You can also buy cheap prints on my website (no purchase necessary for the photo shoot. I don’t do photography to make a profit).
  6. Use your senior pictures in many ways!

Tips and Ideas for Senior Pictures:

  • Do your senior pictures early! College applications, ACT/SAT, Football games, clubs, dances… ect. Your senior year gets very busy. Do them before school starts to be ahead of the game or at the beginning of the year.
  • Bring props that represent you to your photoshoot!


  • Don’t over pay for senior pictures. Save money for college! Don’t blow it off on senior pictures! Lifetouch and Josten will charge an arm and leg for pictures and graduation announcements. There are ways to do it for cheap. (By the way I didn’t get these pictures at Lifetouch… I spent even more on them by going to a professional. I don’t recommend it. You’ll be like $300 poorer by the end of it!)
  • Make your own graduation announcement and put your own picture in it to save money. You can use sometime like Shutterfly to do this. **Warning: Make sure you own the rights to the picture before you do this. Most of the time professional photographers or Lifetouch don’t sell you the rights unless you buy the rights to each individual picture (which I did for these).

  • You can use your senior picture along with your baby picture for the yearbook baby adds.
  • Parents are welcomed to come and help or be in your senior pictures too!
  • Make a small picture (2″ by 3″) insert for your yearbook and it’d look a lot nicer than the plain signature ones you get with Josten. Plus, it’d cost you only a few cents to make one. Use a round sticker to stick your picture in the yearbooks on yearbook signing day.

More Senior Picture Ideas on my Pinterest Board

**Final Note: I will only take pictures of people in modest clothing. Sleeves must be on all shirts and dresses.

Nerdy Baby Vest Overalls

Can you tell I’m a little picture happy lately? I took these pictures for my friend Heather’s blog The tutorial to make this baby nerdy sweater vest will be up on her blog tomorrow! Enjoy.

Big Family Pictures

This is the biggest group I’ve ever done. I learned a few things…

  1. Photographers need to be assertive and have a loud voice.
  2. Don’t rush!
  3. Learn names so you can position people and get their attention. It works a lot better than “Hey you back there!”
  4. Don’t use a portrait lens for a group picture! Some of the pictures were out of focus because I forgot to change lens. 😦
  5. Kiddies get tired so take their pictures first.
  6. Bring benches and chairs for a nice effect. It’s all about the poses and props.
  7. If you can’t see me then I can’t see you! Find a window!
  8. Have fun!
  9. Take pictures after 4 pm.
  10. Pray for good weather (Overcast, no wind, and no rain)! If it’s sunny find shade!!

Happy Pioneer Day Everyone!

I wanted to dress Micah up like a pioneer but then he was tired and didn’t want to smile for his pictures. Oh well this is what I managed to get!

In Utah everyone gets work off for Pioneer Day! There’s a big parade and fireworks in downtown Salt Lake CIty. On July 24, 1987 the first group of Mormon pioneers came in to the Salt Lake Valley. Can you imagine walking 1,200 miles from Nauvoo, Illinois using handcarts? The Mormons were forced to leave Nauvoo because of persecution and ended up in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is where the current head quarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is. This is a fun holiday for everyone in Utah whether you’re a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or not. It’s kinda like Independence Day for Utahans. Happy Pioneer Day Everyone!


Children Photography

My husband gave me a new lens. He is so nice to me! A Canon 50 mm, f1.4 lens which is perfect to take portraits! I couldn’t wait to use it. This is Scarlet and she just recently turned one years old. She is so cute that I wanted to take her picture for her birthday!